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Applying OCR Lens

What is Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR)?

OCR is a nonsurgical method used to correct your vision while getting a full night’s rest with specifically-designed contact lenses to improve or eliminate your glasses prescription for children and adults.

(Paul Seen Applying OCR Contact Lens)

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to Prevent the Most Feared Complications of Myopia Progression!

Time is ticking, why wait for your vision to get worse? In the United States, myopia has increased 66% in the last thirty years. Now 42% of people aged 12-54 are myopic* (Source: National Eye Institute). Treatment is easier and less expensive the sooner it is completed. Take action now!

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  • Enjoy the water without being hindered by glasses or contacts.
    Enjoy the water without being hindered by glasses or contacts.

Experience the Advantages of Clear Vision All Day with OCR.

Benefits of OCR

Immediate Effects


Alternative to Surgery

Long-Term Myopia Prevention

The New Technology and Credentials are all here…

Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR) is a very precise process.  Interestingly, most of the patients who find out about this process ask, “Why haven’t I heard anything about this before?”.  The answer is that many doctors do not have the training, experience, equipment or materials necessary to perform this amazing and life-changing technology successfully.

Brill Eye Center uses the latest computer aided design programs and algorithm models to theoretically know what will be successful on each eye in advance of actually trying on the lenses. Critical to the fitting process is the use of the Australian-based Medmont Topographer to make a digital map of the cornea.  It is the gold standard for OCR fitting and follow-up care. Based on scientific calculations from corneal mapping topography, Brill Eye Center can often fit lenses from their in-house inventory of diagnostic lenses to assure a precise fit.  This plays a vital role in efficiently correcting the patient’s vision with overnight corneal reshaping lenses–especially important for patients who travel from out of town.

OCR is not done by every doctor for good reason. This is a highly complex process, and Dr. Brill has completed testing and certifications to be able to properly fit each of the available lens designs on the market.  Furthermore, Dr. Brill was among the first handful of doctors in the world to pass the rigorous Fellowship testing of the American Academy of Orthokeratology and Myopia Control to achieve the FOAA designation credential.  Specific knowledge and experience is necessary to do the job safely to achieve the patient’s desired refractive outcome. This coupling of ophthalmic equipment, lenses, training, experience, and certifications are the credentials that patients seek to uniquely trust their eye care to Brill Eye Center doctors and staff.

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