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Lucas de Staël is a Parisian eyewear designer and manufacturer that transforms matter into art. Started in 2012 in the 19th Precinct of Paris in an old printing factory, a group of talented artists, designers, and jewelers materialize the wildest dreams into reality. Within the workshop, proprietary tools and methods are used to craft elegant and delicate eyewear. These luxurious handcrafted frames challenge the traditional way of industrial production by using simple materials that are all combined to create a look of divine extravagance and minimalism.

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Genuine cow leather

Carefully picked out French cow skins, that are tanned in Italy. We use full grain leather to ensure outstanding smoothness and comfort.

Genuine goat leather

The skins originate from North Africa and India, and are tanned in one of the rare traditional taweries of the south of France. These leathers stand out thanks to their strong natural grain, their sturdiness and the stability of the tones.

Petrus Stone

dark granite / striped slate, pearl schist / magma slate

The warm tones and the smoothness of the leather seamlessly merge with the raw textures of the grey stone. There are 4 types of stone: dark granite, striped slate, pearl schist and magma slate.

european slate / brazilian slate granite quartz / granite copper

Thin stone strata placed over a surgical stainless steel skeleton, granting remarkable flexility to the spectacles. The stones, stemming from European quarries, keep their natural formation and irregularities adding a unique aspect to every single frame.

Nemus Wood

This special wood collection brings the forests of Africa, Central America and North America directly on our frames. The warm tones of padauk, maple, amaranth and smoked oak’s wood, are combined to generous shapes, leading to a more feminine collection.

Nemus Cork

Smoked cork which brings a natural feel to the smooth surface of every frame

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