Eye Exams

Exam Experience

Exam experience for glasses and contacts is now easier than ever for patients. Examination equipment is linked together to make as seamless flow with fewer of the “one or two?” choices to make. We have everything controlled and matched to assure accurate exam findings for your glasses and contacts.

Optomap Panoramic Retinal PhotographyIMG_0237

Optomap Panoramic Retinal Photography allows for a 200 degree view—instead of just a 30 degree view–inside the eye to thoroughly check the inside health of the eye and monitor side-by-side year-to-year, and avoid debilitating and inconvenient dilation of pupils in most cases.

IMG_0239Preventative Testing

Preventative testing for macular degeneration is now scientific. Brill Eye Center has used the QuantifEye Macular Pigment Optical Density test for more than ten years. This non-invasive test takes just a few minutes and is based on the principle of assessing macular function with flicker photometry developed by the scientists at St Louis company, Zeavision. We are able to detect decreases in macular function and assess the risk factors of developing macular degeneration years before it occurs. This is important to prevent loss of vision from age-related macular degeneration by taking the Eye Promise Restore supplement to mitigate the risk of its development.

At Brill Eye Center, we not only test for myopic, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia, we also do advanced testing for the sources of glare in our visual systems that traditional testing neglects. We do this using the Z-View Aberrometer from San Diego based company Ophthonix.

Infantsee Program

We participate in the Infantsee program and examine babies between the ages of nine and twelve months at no charge to parents.


The ambience of the office is designed for your comfort. We have a spacious practice with comfortable furnishings that is very clean and up-to-date. Our children’s area will allow your children to keep busy and have fun in their own space.


Our practice is centrally located in the Kansas City Metro area with convenient access to I-35 from Lamar Avenue and Johnson Drive exits as well as Metcalf (Hwy 169). If you live in Overland Park, Lenexa, Shawnee, or Mission, KS, we are just a short drive away and look forward to serving you.