Contact Lenses

Lenses In Stock

Brill Eye Center believes in inventorying thousands and thousands of lenses—soft and rigid, clear and colored, conventional and disposable–for you to get an accurate fitting and as well as a good idea of what contact lens wear is like, especially if you have never worn them.  We always offer a no charge in-office trial of contacts with your examination, if you are so inclined.  Many people think that contact lens wear will be difficult or involve discomfort, but that is no longer true.  Let us show you how to succeed with contact lenses and be free of glasses, even if you consider yourself to be a senior citizen.  We have lenses that you can throw away daily for about fifty cents a day to lenses you can keep on for a month with no daily maintenance or removal. Naturally we have lenses for bifocal wearers and people with astigmatism.

Specialty Lenses

Dr Brill is the go-to person for lenses to correct for distorted eyes from eye diseases like Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, or failed LASIK surgery and rehabilitative Scleral lenses for Corneal Transplant patients.

Corneal Reshaping Lenses

Dr Brill was one of the first doctors in the country to pass a rigorous certification process to achieve his Fellowship in fitting Overnight Corneal Reshaping lenses, also called Ortho-K or Orthokeratology. These lenses allow for correction of refractive error overnight while you sleep. Just put them on at bedtime and take them off in the morning to see well all day long with no glasses involved. Sounds too good to be true, but this really works for the right candidates.  Dr Brill’s older son has worn these every night since December of 1999 and does not even own a pair of prescription glasses.  Dr Brill has even written a chapter in the book Food For Life, published in 2010, describing the procedure. A no-charge screening visit is available to discuss what type of candidate you or a love one would be for this ground-breaking technology.

Other Technologies

Other new contact lens technologies involve lenses specifically designed for patients with Dry Eyes and to correct for patients suffering from Color Vision Deficiencies and Reading Disabilities (Chromagen).