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Very often, parents with young children do not think their kids need to get their eyes checked. They use excuses like “little Tommy can see airplanes miles away” or “little Jennifer got them checked by the nurse at the pediatricians office.” The truth is Tommy and Jennifer may only be seeing well out of one eye.  The other gets lazy from not be used.

Children’s Eye Examskidstips

We have the know how, experience and technology to detect and prevent your child from developing lazy eye or amblyopia all while having a fun experience. While we have awesome kids glasses, did you know that children as young as 5 are able to wear contact lenses?   They should be able to.  They have been playing games on your iphone since age 2!

Seeing the eye chart is only a small part of vision.  What if your child sees 20/20, but sees double?  What if your child sees 20/20, but can’t read longer than 3 minutes without getting a headache?  What if your child is not reading efficiently enough to have good comprehension?

School and pediatrician screenings do not assess the total function and efficiency of the eyes, just visual acuity.  Let us help your child succeed in school and life!