Like many products, eyeglasses run the spectrum from inexpensive, utilitarian models to handcrafted luxury frames. Most of us are happy to find the best lenses and frames in our price range, but there’s always that part of us that may drift and wonder what it would be like to have the “best-of-the-best.” What goes into the process of making the world’s finest eyewear?
At Brill Eye Center, we pride ourselves in carrying top, luxury eyewear — like Lindberg.

Lindberg is a Danish company that has established a reputation for creating glasses that feature beautiful, award-winning design and unmatched craftsmanship. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into creating Lindberg’s high-quality eyewear.

1. Design

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Lindberg glasses are synonymous with elegant simplicity and have won a variety of international design awards. Steeped in generations of Danish design tradition, Lindberg frames are known to be simple, refined and contemporary. Every frame is custom-built for each customer using patented technologies and the highest quality materials — for a look and feel that people love.

2. Materials

All of Lindberg’s hand-made frames feature responsibly sourced materials that are strong and pleasing to the eye. Using only the finest materials composed of titanium, acetate, gold, wood and buffalo horn— Lindberg eyewear is tough to beat. The company’s popular rimless eyeglasses weigh only 1.9 grams, while still featuring a strong, flexible titanium frame. All of their frames are light, yet durable — beautiful to look at, yet tough as nails.

3. Engineering

Lindberg Glasses | Brill Eye Center

Lindberg glasses aren’t simply thrown together when it comes time for assembling. Each pair is carefully engineered using patented technical innovations, with great attention to detail in every step of the process. Lindberg designs are so sophisticated that screws, rivets and welds have been eliminated from their designs completely — resulting in lightweight, long-lasting works of art.

4. Customization

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Add your stamp of personalization by laser engraving your name or favorite saying on the inside of the glasses. There is no cookie-cutter assembly line at Lindberg. Glasses are made to meet the buyer’s individual preferences through the work of experienced eyewear craftsmen. Every frame comes in multiple sizes to ensure a proper fit on your nose and ears. All Lindberg glasses are hand-finished and individually numbered to reflect their high-quality, customized designs. You can find your own Lindberg luxury frames at Brill Eye Center, among many other fashionable brands that we carry.

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