As a golfer, you know that you hardly experience perfect weather conditions and lighting on the green. Frequent fluctuations between shadow and light, blinding sun rays and discontinuities – aren’t these common features on the greens? The golf course comes with a variety of challenges that regular glasses and sunglasses cannot tackle. If you want to protect your eyes against the harsh sun rays and support your golf game, you need quality golfing sunglasses.

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Let’s talk about the different aspects related to sunglasses for golfers.

7 reasons why golfers need professionally-fitted golf sunglasses:

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Sunglasses can make a world of a difference for golfers. Not only do they shield your eyes against the sun, they also help you hit more accurately and enhance your vision. While standard sunglasses can also shade your eyes from the sun, they’re not designed specifically for the challenges that golfers face. As a golfer, you need sunglasses intended to use while you play — ones assembled for comfort, clarity and precision. The hard work and time you put into your game shouldn’t be compromised by eyewear. You wouldn’t putt a ball on the green with a driver, therefore you shouldn’t substitute a generic pair of sunglasses for golfing. Be the best player you can be by sporting the right gear.

1. Wraparound fit

Since golfers depend on peripheral vision, lenses that completely wrap around the eyes and provide non-distorting glare protection from the sun are 100% necessary. You want an un-hindering, wide field of view all the time. The wraparound fit also provides protection from wind, dust, and other debris that can create issues while you’re practicing or in the heat of competition.

2. Anti-slip nose pad

Is there anything more frustrating than having your sunglasses slip down your nose as you’re chipping the ball towards the hole to win? The last thing you want are sunglasses that compromise your golf game. To prevent this sort of mishap, you need sunglasses that have been designed and engineered for the perfect fit on and off the course. The anti-slip nose pad designs are made from materials with a strong, non-slip grip, like silicone, to help prevent the common occurrence of sunglasses moving out of position. When you choose sunglasses with the right technology and features, you can execute on your shots in golf with more confidence and ease.

3. Prevent Pterygiums and Pingueculas

Pterygium and Pinguecula are two medical conditions caused by excessive exposure of the eyes to U.V. rays, dust and other harmful environmental pollutants and allergens. A Pterygium is a benign thickness of the outer layer of white on the eye that grows into the cornea. If left untreated, it can permanently disfigure the eye and also cause discomfort and blurry vision. A Pinguecula is also a similar growth on the conjunctiva that looks like a faded yellow spot or bump. Typically it will present unpleasant cosmetics on the eye, but occasionally they cause dry eye conditions that create discomfort. Some common symptoms might include burning, itching, or gritty feeling of the eyes due to an unstable tear film. Sunglasses specially designed for golfers can help significantly in preventing your eyes from eye conditions like Pterygiums and Pingueculas.

If your golf game has been hindered by dry eye symptoms, take the Brill Dry Eye Test and find out how Brill Eye Center can help you get the relief you’re looking for today.

4. Prevent skin cancer around the eyes

Research shows that approximately 10% of the skin cancers affect the area around the eyes. This happens due to the skin around your eyes and eyelids being extremely sensitive to sunlight. Protective, wraparound sunglasses for golfers can act as a shield to protect the skin and can even be used to help prevent skin cancer that commonly forms from too much time spent in the sun.

5. Enhance depth of field

Golf is one sport where the depth of field is critical. When your ball is teed up, and you’ve set your gaze down course at the flag on the green, it’s important your vision allows you to accurately gauge distance. Also, a thorough analysis of the contours on the grounds of the course require an incredible depth of focus to read it right. You know how unfortunate it is to put your ball inches off from the hole only to realize you read the contours wrong. Golf sunglasses can help you with that!

6. Prescription lenses

As a golfer, isn’t it difficult to score a game if you can’t read the scorecard due to poor vision or eye conditions such as Presbyopia? Golf sunglasses with prescription lenses can solve the problem for you. Whether you have trouble seeing far away (nearsightedness) or having trouble seeing up close (farsightedness), there’s a golf lens that can be individually designed for you. Golf lenses can even be custom made with bifocals or progressive lenses so you can see far away and up close with ease. To get prescription lenses, you’ll want to have your eyes examined by an optometrist and have your lenses fit by a professional optician who understands sports and optics.

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7. Razor sharp vision

Professionally crafted golf glasses ensure that you’re able to track the ball wherever it goes. If you’re unable to assess the distance between the ball and the hole, your efforts will go in vain. Golf glasses with a customized fit guarantee elite vision for all parts of the game – tracking the ball on the greens, keeping an eye on the scorecard, analyzing the distance to the hole… and more.

Worry less about your vision, and focus more on your game with golf sunglasses tailored to you.

Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses

Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses have a stellar reputation in the golf world. Sunglasses designed with these lenses have become the perfect match for time spent out on the greens. Oakley Prizm golf lenses fine tune your vision and your surroundings, while generic sunglasses have a tendency to make everything appear more dull. Dull colors mean less contrast, which makes it more difficult to measure distances and read the greens with precision. Oakley Prizm improves contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth cues to interpret distances and grass conditions.

Benefits of Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses:

– Refines visual perception to help you see clearly and react quickly.
– Separate shades of green so you can spot fairway/fringe/rough transitions for increased depth perception
– Improves contrast between the cyans and greens of healthy grass and the yellows, oranges and reds of unhealthy grass.
– Helps you spot grass textures (you might otherwise miss) and identify grain direction on the putting green
– Improves your ability to track fast moving objects
– Boosts performance and safety to help you gain an edge over your competitors

How does the Oakley Prizm Golf Lens work?

Oakley Prizm Golf Lenses comes with lens tints that are specially engineered to eliminate the “noise” of light that interferes with the vision while you’re trying to focus on the colors you need to see for optimum performance.

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Look at the image from left to right and see the difference before Prizm lenses and after.

If you’re one that finds it difficult to distinguish between colors on the course, track the tiny ball, clearly see the scorecard, or concentrate on your game — you can join in with the professionals and approach the greens with a new confidence with Oakley Prizm Lenses.

To diversify your options for golf-specific eyewear, check out other brands like Adidas, Bolle, or Maui Jim.

Golf Lens Technology

Oakley leads the way in sports glasses, but you can make any pair of sunglasses into quality golfing sunglasses with the right technology. The Israel-based lens manufacturer, Shamir, leads the way in engineering lenses for glasses. They developed the Shamir Golf progressive lens made for presbyopic people (those who are usually over the age of 40 and have trouble seeing up close).

These lenses allows golfers to see far away, at mid-range (like driving a ball off a tee), and read a score-card without straining. Each zone of the lens was scientifically tested and created to give golfers the upper advantage during a match.

Athletes strive to have the newest equipment to support and enhance their performance. However, your eyes are one of key aspects you can improve to help your ability on the course. Having the right lenses custom-fit by your optometrist and optician can keep your vision laser focused on the ball and help you read the course most effectively.

Step Up Your Game With Golf Lenses

When it comes to making the switch to golfing sunglasses, think of it as an investment not only in your game, but in the health of your eyes as well. If you’re ready to make the switch, Brill Eye Center is here to help. To take the next step in getting golf-specific eyewear, you will first need to set up a time to get your eyes examined by our trusted optometrist. Once we’ve carefully examined your eyes, we will then suggest sunglasses fitted with golf-lenses most suitable for you.

We know that you take your vision seriously, and so do our trusted optometrists. Healthy vision is key to your performance on and off the course. Rather than waiting until something happens, we like to take a preventative approach to ensure your eyes are ready and equipped for game day.

For more information about our services and preventative eye care, visit our website. If you’re ready to get your eyes checked, schedule an eye examination at Brill Eye Center today!