An Alternative to LASIK You Have to See to Believe!

One important structure of the eye you need to know about is the CORNEA. The cornea is the clear outermost layer of the eye that covers the colored part of the eye called the iris. It is similar to how a clear glass crystal covers the face of a traditional watch. This dome-shaped rounded structure is … Continued

Fear of Commitment? Try Reversible Corneal Reshaping

LASIK surgery has been around for a long time. It has a reputation for success for most patients who choose this option, which makes it a good choice for vision correction. It does have some downsides of variable predictability of corrective results vs the refractive target, disabling glare, and intolerable eye dryness in about 1 … Continued

Introducing iHuman: Adaptable eyewear as thin as a smartphone

GLASSES THAT FIT ANY LIFESTYLE: Finally, there is a glasses brand that understands the needs of chronic glasses wearers. We want glasses that are stylish in the office that portray professionalism and also glasses for the weekend that display sporty attitudes on Sunday morning runs. iHUMAN was created out of the need for eyewear that … Continued

Dr. Brill’s Tips for Improving Your Dry Eye Symptoms

So, can dry eye be cured? To answer this question, unfortunately, is no. Dry eye is a chronic disease that will continuously require treatment. The real question becomes, “What can be done to alleviate the itching, scratching, and all-around irritating symptoms of dry eye?” The team at Brill Eye Center explains below. Related Read: Itchy … Continued

Top 7 Reasons to Try Overnight Corneal Reshaping Orthokeratology

You may have heard something about overnight corneal reshaping orthokeratology like you may have heard about LASIK.  You probably have not been able to see if this process is meant for you, though. It’s time to look into overnight corneal reshaping (OCR) as an alternative to daytime glasses and contacts. Here are some of the … Continued

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