It’s Like LASIK For Scaredy Cats

We’ve all heard about LASIK laser eye surgery by now. The process is fairly simple, using a medical-grade laser to remove imperfections in the cornea. However, as futuristic and sci-fi as having your vision corrected with a laser is, LASIK is just like any other surgery. Some people love their results, and some people are … Continued

Tired of Contacts and Glasses? Try This Futuristic Lens

“Why does my vision seem to get clearer when I squint or pull on the outer corners of my eyes?” Have you ever asked this question? The answer is simple. You are changing the shape of your cornea, and the way light reflects off of the back of your eye. Your eyesight depends on the … Continued

The 4 Most Amazing Facts about Overnight Corneal Reshaping

An innovative non-surgical procedure called Overnight Corneal Reshaping (OCR) revolutionizes vision correction. OCR allows patients to wear oxygen-permeable lenses while they sleep to mold and reshape their corneas in order to reduce reliance on glasses or daytime contacts. Other names for OCR are CRT, Ortho-K, Gentle Molding, Vision Shaping Treatment, Sleep and See, etc.  Upon … Continued

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