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May is traditionally the time when patients start thinking about sunglasses. Whether you're worried about how you see out of your sunglasss or how you you are seen in your sunglasses, proper eye protection is a must. Ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to your eyes and is the primary culprit in causing cataracts and retinal problems [...]

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A comprehensive retinal examination can not only detect signs of eye diseases, but also conditions that affect your overall health. High blood pressure can be shown in the eye by Hypertensive Retinopathy, diabetes by Diabetic Retinopathy, tumors and cancers by swelling of the optic nerve, and a whole host of other conditions. Today, in fact, [...]

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Brill Eye Center has been gathering a collection of some of the most interesting fashion eyewear ever seen in Kansas City. In addtition to the signature Cartier luxury brand, we feature the latest from Prada, Vera Wang, EBM, Escada and more. If your group would like an outing to see what's the latest in eyewear [...]

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