The Brill Eye Difference

Comprehensive Approach

One stop center for everything related to your eyes, eye care, and eyewear.

Kansas City Optometrists you can trust.


For nearly thirty years, Brill Eye Center is known for its service to patients and the community.  We accept most insurances, even Medicaid and Medicare.


Brill Eye Center has a “Best Practices” mindset. If there is “a best” way to do something, that is the way we will do it.


While we emphasize a high tech approach to eye care, we equally have a “high touch” approach to individualizing your care.  You will enjoy the individualized attention you deserve from start to finish. Our staff of professionals are here to serve you and are not happy until you are. We pride ourselves on having 70,000+ patient records over the last thirty years. You can be sure that you will receive the same caliber of compassionate care at Brill Eye Center every time. Our motto “We Put the ‘I Care’ Back in Eye Care” says it all.


While any licensed eye doctor can do a quick exam, our experience and attention to detail will make the difference in your overall satisfaction.  Dr. Brill has achieved a large measure of experience in his studies and extra credentials that go above and beyond the minimum Kansas requirements to be an eye doctor in Kansas City. The perspective gained from these years of experience in eye care technology and thought leadership in the industry will be difficult to match. You are the beneficiary of premium level care.